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Why Alibaba is the Best Online Company For Cheap Products

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I came across this new website online called Alibaba and I think it's absolutely wonderful. I first heard about this company one day when I was watching the CNBC show “Fast Money”. At that time the company was beginning it's initial public offering (IPO) here in America and the host and traders on the show were so excited about the company. However I didn't pay too much attention to it until one week ago. I wanted to find ways to buy things online at a cheaper price. So I went there and since then the site has enamored me. This is why I want to tell you a bit about this online company that's based in China.

This Alibaba site to me is a company that is somewhat like eBay to me with a mix of Wal-Mart. I say this because with this company you can find almost anything you want but you can get it at some of the lowest prices I have ever seen. On top of the ridiculously low prices you can buy your merchandise and the price that is listed can sometimes include the shipping. Therefore letting you know exactly how much you will be paying for the product with all fees included.

When I first purchased an item from there I thought that something was wrong because I asked my seller where was shipping and she responded, “It's all included in the price you see”. About a week later the product came to me by UPS and everything has been great.

Another area that impressed me about the website was the many forms of payment I could use to purchase my merchandise. Online I'm used to paying for things through the basic PayPal system, on this site I could use PayPal, and Moneygram. I had never once before heard of Moneygram being an option when purchasing online. Maybe it is but for me that was a first. Using Moneygram really allowed for quick payment and quick processing of my products.

As a whole this website has been so beneficial to me and I would highly suggest anyone use the website to buy products. The only lagger is that since you are purchasing items from overseas it does take a bit longer for shipping just because your not purchasing anything in America.

Source by Serrgio Wilson

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