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Home Blog Aliexpress The SwissGear SA9259 Red Backpack and Everything You Need to Know About It

The SwissGear SA9259 Red Backpack and Everything You Need to Know About It

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Red is my favorite color and I always take a second look at everything red. But when I saw the SwissGear SA9259 Red Backpack, I didn't just look – I had to buy it. To enlighten you about my story, let's review the different features that this bag has to offer.


The bag is simple enough, but it has a lot of zippers and snap closures. I see this as an aesthetic feature of the bag, but they also have uses. For instance, the snap closure at the front is for keeping the second compartment zipped. You can't unzip it unless you open the snap closures. The other snap closures are for keeping the bag either tightly snug or loose and comfy. The bag weighs 3.6 pounds like many of the other SwissGear bags and its dimensions are 10.5” x 2” x 14”. Although it's said that the bag can carry 17” laptops, a lot of complaints have arisen from that declaration as people have found that only 15” laptops can fit in it. That's quite sensible if you look at the dimensions. It's only 14” tall. So the manufacturer or whoever placed a description in most of online stores should probably correct that misinformation.

It's pretty much functional for me. Everything is useful in this bag. It has three compartments: a front pocket, a second compartment, and the laptop compartment. The front pocket has an organizer where you can securely keep pens, small devices and items, keys, and other personal belongings. The second compartment is mostly for textbooks, notebooks, papers, and other documents. The second compartment has two other pockets where you can keep various items, and it also has an iPod or MP3 player pocket where you can keep your music gadgets and listen to your favorite soundtracks while hearing the bag. The las compartment has a dedicated laptop pocket with padding and strap that snuggles your device completely and secures it from any form of damages due to falls, bumps, and turbulent conditions.


The black bag with red accents has a good aesthetic value, with the seal of Wenger on the middle. Red and black make a perfect combination that's not too striking but simply nice to look at. Anyone can use this bag – people of all ages, males, females, students, and professionals. It's very neutral in color and style, and the black body prevents the show of any undesirable damages, stains, and wear and tear. You can keep the beautiful condition of this bag for a long time if you take good care of it.

Other Features

The shoulder straps are padded and are designed to effectively distribute the weight of the bag, making it easier for you to carry it even for a long while. The bag has an airflow back system which provides a breathable back padding so that you won't accumulate body heat and sweat even while wearing the bag constantly. There's also a special cellphone case on the shoulder strap which can be removed or installed depending on your preferences. The other shoulder strap has a miscellaneous strap for hanging various items like sunglasses, keys, and others. The sides have mesh pockets where you can keep water bottles or other objects. There are also side zipped pockets for other items which you want to keep secure inside the bag.


The only negative thing I can say about this bag is that it's quite heavy, which is common for other SwissGear backpacks. But if you're like me who loves everything red, the SwissGear SA9259 Red Backpack doesn't just give you the satisfaction of getting a bag of your favorite color, it also provides the perfect functionality you need in a laptop bag.

Source by Jacob Akshire

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