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Outdoor Gear: Importance Of Backpacks and Hydration Packs

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Whether you are a camper, hiker, or a mountain climber, it is extremely important to be carrying the right kind of equipment with you. Two of the most indispensable pieces of outdoor gear that you should always have with you are your backpack and hydration pack.

Choosing a backpack may sound like easy stuff, but in reality it is not. First of all, you need to ensure that you select the right kind, brand, size, material, and style of the backpack. These specifications will depend on the kind of outdoor activity that you will be engaging in. If you are going on a hiking trip, you will need to choose a different kind of backpack compared to the kind you would use if you are on a mountain climbing exploration.

Characteristics of an ideal outdoor backpack

Light and Compact. To qualify as a good buy for a backpack, it must have characteristics of being light and compact so that you could easily carry it without being slowed down too much. However, you must keep in mind that being compact doesn't necessarily mean that it's small. A backpack can be huge and still be more compact and lighter than it looks.

Waterproof. While many outdoor enthusiasts may claim that having a waterproof bag is not top priority, in many cases it usually is. This is especially true in cases where you may need to deal with extremely humid or wet weather. For your belongings to stay protected against fog, rain, and moisture, you need tom place them on

Strong strapping with abrasion resistance. Your backpack needs to have sturdy strapping and handling so it won't snap in the middle of your trip. Sophisticated campers and hikers prefer packs which use nylon material to ensure handling strength.

Characteristics of a good hydration pack

Proper and sufficient insulation. Ideally, you want a hydration packet which is insulated in such a way that it will prevent water from freezing in cold temperature and boiling in extremely hot weather.

Ample reservoir size. You need to make sure that your pack can carry as much water as you need. The common range of reservoir sizes are 1.5 to 3 liters, but in outdoor trips where clean water may be scarce, you may opt for larger hydration bags.

Clean water system. Continuous usage can cause the water in a hydration pack to become stale or unclean. To solve this problem, go for brands that use hydration bladders with in-line filtering to ensure that the water you drink is clean whenever you need them.

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