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One Exciting Lifestyle at the Pinnacle of Your Career Leads to an Even More Exciting Lifestyle!

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“Taming The Tiger” by Tony Anthony.

Tony Anthony came and spoke to us during Chaplain's Hour at Inverness Prison a few days ago, and there was a most attentive audience of prisoners, staff and Prison Fellowship visitors. Tony Anthony is the author of the book “Taming The Tiger” and it is basically his life story but well written with page turning detail.

At an early age he was taken from England to China where his grandfather trained and taught him Kung Fu. His description of these eight years is graphic and at times ugly. Returning to England after eight years in china, Tony continued training and teaching in the area of Kung Fu becoming World Champion three times. This gave him a degree of confidence. He became self-assured and physically powerful, and certainly was not a man to be tampered with or ignored if he came to you on business.

Because of his physical abilities he became a bodyguard for various important people ending up looking after the very rich and those attached to Embassies. Following his involvement in some criminal activity in Cyprus he ended up serving a prison sentence in Nicosia's notorious Central Prison. He had no interest whatsoever in anything Christian or even remotely religious. He thought that all there was was him!

With no letters and no visitors, one day he received a letter from a Christian missionary who had read his awful story in the Press. He agreed to see this man called Michael Wright out of the most unusual reasoning, but after weeks of talking with each other he came to know the reality of the forgiveness and love of God. He speaks of Michael Wright loving him like a father and he began to come to love Michael as one of his sons.

Michael had spoken about how in a man's heart there is a hole which only God can fill, and many try to fill it with money, sex, ambition, Tony is not embarrassed or ashamed to speak about tears. Most men cry but not everyone is prepared to admit it. Having been treated like an animal it was now so very different to be treated with respect and love as a human being.

On his release he flew to Heathrow where he was met by caring concerned Christians and over the next months various mature disciples of Jesus Christ kept an eye on this young believer. What had happened was real, and yet Tony did not find it all easy in various challenging walks of life. He found work and after a few years was led into what is called Avanti Ministries, which I am sure you know that Avanti is Italian for “go”, and Jesus commanded disciples to go into all the world.

This is a powerful and worthwhile read, not only giving you the background and story and highly interesting character, but also depicting how hard it can be when someone's life is totally transformed and changed by the living God.

Sandy Shaw

Source by Sandy Shaw

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