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Home Blog Aliexpress iSAFE Backpacks and Bags - The Only Backpack With a Built In Mobile Personal Safety Alarm - A Review

iSAFE Backpacks and Bags – The Only Backpack With a Built In Mobile Personal Safety Alarm – A Review

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I have been convinced of the efficacy of personal protection products since September of 2008 but it was only September of this year (2011) that I became aware of the iSAFE Backpacks and Bags. I was actually surprised that I didn't think of such a product before. After all, I know of several personal alarms in various formats – ones that double as a keychain, others fit in a purse, some to place on a window or door and many more. Although these alarms make the required noise to call attention to one's need for help in a dangerous situation and are relatively inexpensive, they are also easy to leave at home or easy to misplace or lose.

The iSAFE bag, on the other hand, is the first patented backpack and bag with a built-in mobile personal security alarm system. With the pull of a cord located on the iSafe backpack's shoulder strap, the user can set off two high pitched screaming sirens (louder than most car alarms) and a high-intensity strobe light to call attention to their dangerous situation and the need for immediate help. To deactivate the alarm simply reinsert the pin. Reflectors on the shoulder strap provide night-time visibility for additional safety.

The bags are made of very durable nylon, are water and shock resistant, have strong zippers that will not easily damage and open and close smoothly. The i SAFE backpacks have several sturdy and roomy compartments to store everything children, teenagers, college students, and adults might want to carry including an individual compartment for a cell phone or iPod. There is even enough room for a laptop computer.

In addition, the iSAFE backpack is made more comfortable to wear by the foam padding and S-shaped shoulder straps which provide good back support. The adjustable chest strap prevents the backpack from being easily taken away.

The alarm is powered by two 9V batteries and, if needed, will run continuously for two hours. If the user becomes lost during a hike they can run the alarm continuously for the two hours or switch it off and on to conserve battery power. However, because of its electrical components, the iSafe backpack cannot be submerged in water.

iSafe bags start at just $59.99 and feature the same quality, features, pockets and durability of leading backpack and bag suppliers like Jansport, L.L. Bean, Northface and Targus. iSAFE Backpacks and Messenger bags are available in Blue, Black, Pink, Plaid, Geometric, Multicolor, and Logo design fabrics.

The iSafe backpack is ideal for children who want to protect themselves from bullies or predators lurking the streets, hikers who may need to signal for help, anyone walking through a dark parking garage or lot, joggers, accident victims, and anyone else looking for an added sense of security. As a parent, I sure feel calmer and more secure knowing that my child takes the iSAFE Backpack every time they leave the house.

One may wonder if these bags will pass airport security checks. At this time it is advised that the batteries be removed before going through security and allowing a little extra time at the airport for the security people to check the bag thoroughly.

If you register your iSafe bag purchase on-line or over the phone, you can exchange your backpack for a new one for 50% the original price. You can do this once a year, and there is no limit to how many times you can exchange your backpack.

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