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Home Blog Aliexpress High Sierra 26" Travel Pack - The Best Convertible Backpack for Traveling

High Sierra 26" Travel Pack – The Best Convertible Backpack for Traveling

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I was thinking of a good convertible backpack to purchase so I can use it when I travel. It was my first time to acquire a travel pack, and I chose the High Sierra 26″ Travel Pack. From my experience in using this, it was just perfect. I highly recommend the High Sierra 26″ Railpass Travel Pack. It is a very convenient convertible backpack, and it is very affordable. I have used it during my 10-day vacation at Thailand. The size is just good enough to fit all my clothes, toiletries, and other essential things that I need in my vacation.

During my flight, I did not have a hard time keeping the straps because it can be conveniently zipped beneath a panel that is otherwise rolled and velcroed under the convertible backpack. The High Sierra Travel Pack worked out properly when I was walking and even riding in a bus, sky train (BTS), ferry, longtail boat, taxi cab, and tuk tuk. However, it was a little bit large carrying it on the sky train and kind of difficult to lift inside and out of the longtail boat. There are times that I find it more comfortable to carry the daypack on the front and the big pack on my back. Sometimes I zip the two packs together, and carry it. If the bag is too full, and zipped the packs together, it seems out of balance so I just make sure that the contents in my backpack is just adequate and well-arranged. I followed the video on YouTube to help me arrange the contents in my bag, check this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSlX0lmwd84. However, I prefer to use the convertible backpack unzipped.

The convertible backpack is quick and simple to convert and hide the straps or attach/remove the daypack. Another good thing about the travel pack is that the belt padding can be adjusted so it will fit to my body.

Source by Kristine Policarpio

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