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Eureka Panther Peak Backpack Review

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Product Review- Eureka! Panther Peak 30Liter Backpack

The Eureka Panther Peak 30L backpack is a versatile backpack for a range of activities. Whether you are toting your laptop and some documents around town or going for a weekend of camping, at 30 liters in size, this backpack is very suitable for everyday use.


· A two compartment design with 1 main compartment and a second smaller compartment

· Main compartment contains a sleeve perfect for laptop or tablet storage

· A rear padded backing that is designed with mesh to keep you not only comfortable, but dry as well

· Reflective logos designed into the backpack for safety in urban areas

· Built in hydration system which allows the user to attach and run through a water bladder

· Adjustable padded hip belts to ensure comfort and equal weight distribution with small zipper storage for small go-to items that are within hand's reach

· Double side pockets for storage of water bottles

· The secondary compartment contains many small pockets for storage of small items

· A bright orange rain fly that is designed with high visibility graphics built in for safety in low visibility situations

· A front sleeve with a reflective bungee cord that secures items stored

What I like-

The Value- When I was at my local sporting goods store, I was deciding between the Eureka, a brand I never heard of, and a well-known brand. The Eureka was exactly half of the cost of the well-known brand.

Wear and Tear- I have now used the Eureka Panther pack for 4 months with no major problems at all. I use a popular brand of water/hydration bladder which the Eureka makes easy to attach via a plastic hook in the main compartment with an opening to run the hydration hose and nozzle through.

Rain Fly- I live in a country that has a rainy season. This means that for about 4 or 5 months straight, every day, it rains at some point. My method of transportation is a motorbike, so the included bright orange rainfly is a lifesaver (or at least a laptop/iPad saver!). It also gives me peace of mind that the rain fly is bright orange with a reflective logo design, so other motorist can see me in the rainy, low visibility situation.

Padded Mesh Backing- This is a very comfortable backpack due to the padded mesh backing. Where I live, if it is not raining, it is HOT! So with the mesh allowing airflow, driving around with this pack on my back for an hour doesn't lead to the back of my shirt covered in perspiration.

The Front Bungee Compartment- I love that I can just toss random things (non-breakables) into the front compartment and use the double “X” bungee cord to tighten down the compartment. After 4 months, I have not had any items come close to slipping out, even the smallest of items such as a combination lock and travel size toothpaste. After 4 months, the bungee cord and its plastic locking slider are still just as taut as the day I bought the back pack.

Sturdy double stitching for back and hip straps- The two back and hip straps have some thick, double stitched construction. So users can load this 30 liter pack up to the brim and not be afraid of a strap suddenly breaking on them.

What I don't like-

Water Bottle Storage- If you are not using a water hydration bladder system and just want to tote around a bottle or two of water, the two side water bottle pockets have no size adjustment. If you have a small plastic water bottle or canteen, it could easily fall out if the bag is not upright.

The 1-hand carrying handle- On the top of the Eureka pack is a briefcase style carrying handle. The stitching on this handle appears to be poor as I had the strap break when fully loaded.

Separation of Main and Secondary Compartment- When the main compartment is fully loaded; it almost renders the secondary compartment useless for storage as there is not a “hard wall” of separation between the two compartments. When fully loaded, the main compartment protrudes into the secondary compartment, making it difficult to actually store any larger size items in the secondary compartment.

In Conclusion-

The Eureka! Panther Peak 30L backpack is a great backpack for both urban users and weekend campers or hikers. The main point that sold me on the backpack was the price point. It is over half the cost of a very popular, well-known brand, and has held up fine for me, with some considerable wear and tear scenarios I put the pack through. Brand name is not everything, so consider taking a look at the Eureka! Panther Peak 30 liter backpack.

By- Travis Hnatiuk

Source by Travis P Hnatiuk

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