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Dakine Backpacks: The Swiss Army Knife of Backpacks

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Dakine backpacks are the “Swiss Army knife” of gear carry-systems for outdoor worshipers worldwide. If you're looking to add a great piece of equipment to your extreme equipment arsenal, a good place to start is an investment into a great backpack. The days of a backpack carrying your food and a few cans of pop to the local football game have evolved into new generation packs designed to carry your cell phone in an easily accessible fleece-lined pocket, drink in a hydra-sleeve complete with a one liter leak-proof pouch, and a carry system designed to tote most any kind of outdoor adventure gear you can imagine.

Dakine Inc. started out in Maui, Hawaii as a board and windsurfing company. In 2008, the company was purchased by Billabong Inc. and moved to Mt. Hood, Oregon. Billabong was so impressed with the Dakine brand name, they allowed Dakine to keep their original identity. Dakine has since grown into an international powerhouse in the outdoor sports accessories field by supplying, packs, bags, gloves and accessories for surf, skate, snowboard, ski, mountain bike, windsurf/kite enthusiasts worldwide.

What sets a Dakine backpack apart from the typical outdoor gear is their vision of designing packs as “carry systems”. A carry system is designed to have features that make their packs more of a useful tool than just a bag to tote your goods around. There is a specific carry system featured in the design of the following pack categories: Skate, Surf, Snow, Street, bike, and photo. For example, the snow carry system offers the following features:

* Vertical snowboard carry

* Cross snowboard carry

* Diagonal/retractable cable ski carry

* A-frame ski carry

Other carry systems include, tri-pod carry (photo), quick load skate carry (skate), XC helmet carry (bike), waterproof wet suite carry (surf), and laptop carry (street).

And the carry system isn't the only innovation that makes these backs so desirable. Packs like the Altitude ABS 40L series are specifically designed to be compatible with the aftermarket ABS Vario base unit. This unit has life-saving air bags designed to keep back country adventurers from being buried alive during unexpected snow slides and avalanches. This incredible pack also features an insulated hydro-sleeve, ice axe carry, snow tool/shovel pocket, rescue whistle, deployable helmet carry, and load compression straps.

If hiking, biking, or skating aren't your bag, there is a great selection of “street” packs that offer feature rich components yet still have the Dakine rugged cultural charm. Dakine offers over 70 styles, 22 colors and prints for both men and women.

All Dakine backpacks are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and made from planet-friendly 100% PVC-free materials.

Source by Owen Douglas

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