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Can You Refuse a Shipment Sent COD?

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COD, or Cash on Delivery, shipments were commonplace a few decades ago. However, in the age of online shopping and banking, COD shipments and deliveries have grown somewhat uncommon. Many customers, however, are excited when they learn that a California Delivery Service offers the ability to receive deliveries COD. Despite their interest, however, many are not sure how COD works. If a California Delivery Service delivers a shipment to you COD, it means that payment was not made at the time of the order, and that you will need to make a payment to the driver who brings it to your door. Occasionally, a situation may arise in which for some reason, you've changed your mind about the delivery. In this case, you may wonder, do you have the right to refuse a COD shipment?

You DO have the right to refuse any COD shipment. The law provides for this, because if you were legally obligated to pay for anything that showed up at your door, unscrupulous companies could ship things to you that you had not ordered, and then demand payment. So, of course, if a driver shows up at your door with a COD delivery that you do not remember ordering, you can and should refuse to pay. But what if you've changed your mind for some reason? Well, the law does not discriminate, and you still have the right to refuse the delivery.

The right to refuse a package is actually paramount to this method of shipping working properly. The seller as well as the California Delivery Service that chooses to offer COD benefits from the trust and goodwill gained from the customer. It shows that they trust the customer to pay for the product when it arrives, which often results in reciprocal trust from the customer to the shipper. COD also helps customers who are leery of giving out their credit card information over the phone or internet. They can simply pay cash when the shipment arrives, keeping their information safe. Furthermore, you can be certain that you the product will be as described, since you will be able to inspect it before you actually make the payment

If you are a business that wants to offer COD as a delivery option, you may need to shop around for a California Delivery Service that offers COD. You, as the shipper, will likely pay for the shipping costs at the time of shipment.

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