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Backpacks PROVE Most "Experts" WRONG About Bras

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Let's start right off by showing you why it's wrong to listen to any “expert” who tells you to measure for your band size, and then add some inches to it, and that would be your ideal band size. This advice is just flat out wrong, and it doesn't matter if the “expert” says to add 2 inches or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6.

Adding any amount to your band size is almost always wrong. Don't do it, although be aware that in rare instances it can be done.

Instead, imagine you're standing up wearing a backpack, and someone is behind you, loading items into your backpack. You're going on a 3 hour hike, so you need to carry just a few items. Can you see yourself in this picture?

When the items are loaded into the backpack, does the backpack push away from your body, leaving a space between it and you, or does the backpack expand outward to hold the items while at the same time maintaining contact with your body?

In case you're not sure, I'll tell you that there is NO space created between your body and the backpack-the backpack is designed to expand outward to hold all the items, yet the backpack itself still clings to your back. If it didn't, it would be harder for you to carry the load, and you could easily hurt your back.

In fact, most backpacks even have a belt at the bottom that you can put around your waist and adjust to keep the backpack tight to your body.

Now imagine that instead of going on a 3 hour hike, your backpack is being loaded for a 2 day hike. Obviously, you need more supplies and you probably need a bigger backpack.

A bigger backpack will have more space in it, but ALL of that space is added so that the backpack expands outward from your body, while at the same time the pack itself hugs your body and even has a belt to be sure it stays tight to your back. And still, even with the bigger backpack, there is NO space between it and your body.

A bra is no different. A bra is a front pack for your boobs. It needs to stay tight to your body, but have enough space in the cups so that the cups expand outward when you put your boobs in, but the band of the bra still stays tight to your body. ALL of the expansion MUST be held by the cups. Thinking that you should get a bigger band size because your boobs are bigger is just plain silly.

Your bra is a front pack for your boobs. You buy the band size based on your measurement-your EXACT measurement-and then you get the right cup size based on the size of your boobs. While there may be some rare instances when it would be better to get a larger band size, those instances are RARE. 90% of the time or more, you should get a band size that is your exact measurement, adjusting of course if your exact measurement calls for a size that bras don't come in.

What this all means is that most women are in a band size that is too large, and a cup size that is too small. What size is best for you? My e-book will show you what size bra you should be wearing, and it will also explain what variables call for choosing a different size than usual.

Source by Scylvia Danese DiCola

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