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Backpack Pushups

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If you're looking for more of a challenge and want to build some serious strength when doing your pushups all you need is a sturdy backpack and some extra weight thrown inside.

A weighted pack will test the toughest and strongest men. This is not an exercise for a beginner. For years and still today men all around the world use the bench press as the gauge for strength and this is absolutely insane.

The pushup uses more muscles than any bench press exercise done in any gym.

A weighted pack will build a total body toughness not duplicated in the gym. The pushup is and always will be a total body strength and conditioner despite what most experts will tell you.

I feel the weighed pack is better than the weighted vest because of the way the two fit on your body. The weight vest will drag and bounce off the floor but the back pack is situated on your back leaving you a deeper pushup.

Backpacks are cheaper than a weight vest. You can buy a backpack for five bucks or used at army and navy stores or yard sales and for a couple of bucks get a great training tool.

The great thing about the backpack pushup is there are so many great workouts that can be done. The key to constant growth is to keep your body guessing, you never want the body to get used to your workouts. When the body gets used to the workouts it will quit responding and boredom will set in and your results will either slow or stop.

So if you want to put some thick muscle on your upper body go and grab a backpack and throw some weight in and try one of these workouts.

The hiking pushup workout will work more than just the upper body. Because, the workout requires you to get down on the ground to do pushups and stand back up again.

So set either a time limit or a distance and a number of pushups you want to do and set out to accomplish them. A workout you can try, walk for one mile and try for 250 pushups.

Another workout that will test you physically and mentally is simply start with your chest on the ground and do one pushup then stand up then go right back down to the ground touching your chest to the ground. Try this for a few minutes and the extra weight will have you thinking twice.

Source by Johnny Grube

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