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Home Blog Aliexpress 2020 Apple Watch Replica and its Clone - Where to Buy?

2020 Apple Watch Replica and its Clone – Where to Buy?

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IWO 12 Store

top brands aliexpress

Store Name: Smartwatch Global

Store Description: This store carries the latest apple watch series 5 replica – named IWO12.

Price range: $30 – $70


Well, they are cheap but for a few reviewers mentioned they are made of inferior products. You can't really compare apple to an apple with such price range. Below links are their Apple watch replicas that cost less than $70.

2 types – IWO 12 vs IWO 13 Lite. 

IWO 13 Lite is the cheaper version with less features.

Owning an Apple product is a charm but not all are willing to afford an Apple product, especially where there are cheaper substitutes available. Apple Watch, one of the best creation from Apple Inc. has created much hype in the market.

Is it worth the price?

Here at BestAliProducts, we have curated a couple of Apple Watch replicas available on Aliexpress.

You can go for an Apple Watch Clone from the brand IWO. The IWO series smartwatch is loaded with features and clashes in terms of design with the Apple iWatch.

Apple Watch 5 Clone Review

Clones of Apple Watch that Cost less than USD68

IWO 12 – Apple Watch 5 Replica

Price: $63.39

What other buyers say

  • Product shipped correctly, well packed and on time. Bought 2 units and not taxed not taxed. Cost-effective, fulfilling promises and has several functions work properly as: sound Control, receiving messages, take photo remotely, alarm, Sound Recorder, stopwatch, receiving links all the watch plus great resolution screen. Physically identical to Apple Watch Original the unique functions that may not be real are the heart monitoring and sport (what I have imagined) but for my goal and to my pocket it met all expectations. Recommend the seller and the product
  • Arrived very fast, 20 days for SP. Excellent Product, identical to AD. Arrived very well packed, came with extra film and hood. Super easy to handle, in Portuguese, receives notification of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, can read the message on screen. Recommend the seller sent the product in same day paid. Product 44mm
  • Then took almost 2 months to arrive in Brazil and after almost 1 month to deliver me, because the pandemia. Mail is bad. The seller was perfect, answer me at all, this watch is true I checked. Comes with a film (this object yellow) and the hood is silicone. Only used it today and am loving, after some days will make another comment about the product. But the service itself was perfect and the product described. Only took because of this whole situation. Can trust this store.

Features of IWO 12 SMARTWATCH

Display: Fully fitted 240X240 1.54 inch(44mm)full visual color screen/1.4 inch(40mm)full visual color screen.

Ombination chip: Grevity sensor, heart rate sensor

Main chip: MTK2502C 256MB

Battery: 380mAh polymer lithium battery

Charging: Wireless charging

Bluetooth: BLUETOOTH LE 4.0

Language: Support for dozens of languages worldwide

System: Android system / support Android 4, 4 and above IOS system Apple IOS8.0 or above



*Touch screen 2.5D arc surface capacitive full-featured touch screen

* Built-in dozens of dials to enrich your daily life

*Support 22 national languages

*IP68 waterproof (44mm only, don't wear it into hot water or Sunna)

*Support Siri

*Wireless charging

*Bluetooth push SMS and other client information, etc.

* Heart rate detection heart rate monitoring, monitoring your heartbeat around the clock

*Pedometer, sports calories, calorie consumption, athletic mileage record

* Sedentary reminds to get up and change unhealthy lifestyle

* Sleep Monitoring Objective Science quantitatively records and analyzes your sleep status

* Find phone features anti-lost reminder. Two-way search

*Bluetooth music player syncs mobile phone music

The smartwatch supports a number of languages including French, Arabic, Hebrew, English, Japanese, Italian and many more. The watch is packed with features all accessible to the user on a 1.54-inch touchscreen. The resolution of the screen is 240 by 240.

However, the watch does not feature any sim card slot nor does it have a GPS facility. The watch runs on a Mediatek MTK2502C processor which is crisp to use. The phone features a 128 GB RAM and comes with a detachable strap which is made of silica gel and this makes it durable. The battery capacity of the watch is 300-450 mAh.

Price: $63.39

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New Features of the 2020 Apple Watch Alternative

  • Electrocardiogram: Support Electrocardiogram data analysis
  • Watch Strap: could be dispatched, and changed to other straps

The watch contains some essential health tracking features like pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary remind etc. which makes it one of the best devices for health tracking features. The watch can be used as a remote to control the smart phone camera of the user. This can be a great hack while taking selfies. The camera also synchronises with the music on the smart phone of the user and supports MP3 ring.

The IWO 12 watch also extends support to recording functions, alarm clock, calculator, world time, music and many more essential applications that can come handy. The users can also view their social media alerts using this watch without having to look at the phone every time.

Latest IWO 13 Lite Smartwatch (Cheaper version with lesser functions)

IWO 13 Smartwatch

Now you can use this rotating crown!

IWO 13 Smartwatch review

However this watch does not have as many features as the IWO 12 above. So you can see price is cheaper!

Price: $24.63

What buyers say

  • Quite liked the watches. Match the description, arrived in time. Recommend gold 40MM chicks like more worth only ordered 1 unit. Buy more soon
  • Arrived just in time the best gift, beautiful watch to gift, highly recommended and the seller attended my questions. The product arrived in good sealed condition and with their respective boxes, it would only fail to test its operation and performance, it also came with its respective charger.

Q: What phones is this watch compatible with ?

A.It is compatible with IOS iphone 4s and above, Android 4.4 and above

Q: Will this watch show push notifications like whatsapp and facebook.

A. Yes.and Support Wechat ,Skype,linkedin,Twitter,Viber,line .you can Read the message content.

Q: Can I wear this watch to swim and take shower ?

A> You can wear it to swim ,it is waterproof, Aslo can not wear to take a shower, the hot water comes with steam,it will destory the watch!

Features of IWO 13

Main functions

1. IP68 waterproof rating, wearable for swimming

2. 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring

3. 3D arc panel, ultra-high-definition screen display and screen ratio, better visual experience

4, free choice of multi-dial style

5. Aerospace aluminum body, lightweight and does not fade

6. Support knob function keys and auxiliary touch screen debugging

7, 2 function menu styles are optional

8. Multi-color strap matching

9. Battery Capacty: :190mAh, normal worktime up to 10 days, standby up to 30days

Price: $24.63

FAQs on Apple Watch Super copy

Q1. Is the watch original A**** watch 5?

A1:No, it is not original, just design very similar, but the watch also has many similar functions, with price more affordable.

Q2.Does it support changing the strap?

A2: Yes, completely universal A**** strap.

Q3.Does it support SIM card,TF card or Memory Card ?

A3: No,it does not support

Q4. Does it have camera?

A4: No, it does not have camera, but it can remote control the camera on your phone to take photos.

Q5. Is it waterproof?

A5:44mm supports IP68 waterproof (away from hot water and sauna, soaking in water is not recommended for more than 30 minutes), 40MM only supports life waterproof

Q6. Does sms synchronization support?

A6. Old Sms messages synchronization is availabe for Android phones, but disable for iOS due to the restriction of iOS system. But for iOS, the watch can synchronize incoming message from Notification Center and display the message content under Notification icon, not the Message icon. You can receive the message notification of SMS, Whatsapp, etc,when there is an incoming push message on your Phone both Android and iOS.

Q7. What languages does this type support ?

Version A:  English,French, Spanish, Polish,BZ Portugues, Italian, Indonesia,Czech,Russia, Hebrew ,Chinese

Q8 . Is it Touch Screen ?

Yes, it is. It adopts Nano tempered glass screen.

Q9. What is the function of the round wheel button?

The round wheel button works as a back button when you press it. You can do the same function by sliding from left to right on the screen.

Q10. Is the heart rate monitor result accurate?

Due to the heart rate monitor device is not professional medical or sport detecting instrument, the result might be not very accurate as those professional devices.

Images of Apple Watch Series 5 Clone

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